Ninja Warrior Registrations Available

Registration forms for the Ninja Warrior Course are now available & can be found on the FORMS page, or click HERE

A non-competitive “open run” can be purchased for $5. This will include a time limit to run the entire course, or to only try your favorite obstacles until that time limit is finished. Prizes and awards cannot be won during this “open run” period.

Event Details:

Friday (8/17): Open Run* only 7-9pm, $5 each run, with a set time limit during the run. *Waiver musts be filled out and signed.

Saturday (8/18): Course is open from 9am – 4pm and 6pm – 9pm. During these times, competitors can run as many open runs as they pay for ( $5 ), or sign up for the competitions that will be held throughout the day (details to come).

Sunday (8/19): This is the day of the FINALS ONLY. From 3pm – 5pm, top 8 competitors in each age group who run the farthest, the fastest will compete for our top 3 competitor awards. All runners who make it to the finals, will receive a Bremenfest Ninja Warrior T-Shirt for their accomplishments.

Registration deadline is Friday August 10th to enter competitions.  Please contact Parker Manger at: with any questions.